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CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic Expands Primary Care, Surgery Offerings to Texarkana Community

CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic continues to expand services to both primary care and specialty providers across the Texarkana region with the addition of two new physicians. By adding surgeon Michael Bortz, M.D. and family medicine physician Matthew Ramage, M.D., the CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic is able to expand family medicine care and surgery to provide needed services in the Texarkana community.

A Message to Our Community: Texarkana hospitals and county health authorities actively managing COVID-19 and counting on the community’s help to reduce the spread

The number of COVID-19 patients in the Texarkana and surrounding region has increased significantly in the past weeks, resulting in rising hospitalizations. Like area residents, we are concerned about this trend. First, we want to assure our community we have been and will continue to work together to respond to this pandemic. Both hospitals have worked diligently to ensure safe and accessible healthcare for all in need. We communicate regularly and are confident in our abilities to provide safe care to all with compassion and professionalism.