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Imaging in a New Dimension 3D Tomosynthesis Digital Mammography significantly increases the detection of breast cancer, saving lives every day.

3-D mammogram benefits:

  • Research indicates 3-D Mammography benefits all screening and diagnostic mammography patients, and is especially valuable for women receiving a baseline screening, those who have dense breast tissue, and/or women with a personal history of breast cancer.
  • The only 3-D exam approved by the FDA as clinically superior to traditional mammography and proven to find a significantly higher percentage of the most serious cancers compared to traditional mammograms.
  • Proven to significantly find more invasive cancers than a traditional mammogram.
  • Reduces false positives by up to 40 percent
  • 3-D Mammography has a 41 percent higher invasive breast cancer detection rate than conventional 2-D mammography alone.
  • Reduces the number of women called back for unnecessary screenings due to false alarms.

3-D mammography may not be covered by all insurance carriers; please ask about coverage when you call to schedule. 2-D mammography is available if your insurance carrier does not cover 3-D at this time.