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Lindy's Story I didn’t realize treatment options were available in Texarkana,” said Lindy. “It’s a relief to know there is a local option for great cancer care.

Lindy and family

When diagnosed with cancer, many people tend to think treatment is only available in the large metro areas. But, as Lindy Lawrence discovered, radiation, chemotherapy, and genetic testing are just a few of the services offered at the CHRISTUS St. Michael W. Temple Webber Cancer Center in Texarkana.

When first diagnosed with breast cancer, Lindy wasn’t aware of the high-level of cancer care available at CHRISTUS St. Michael. After a year filled with tests, chemotherapy, and surgeries out of town, Lindy was relieved to learn she could complete her radiation therapy at home in Texarkana.

“I didn’t realize treatment options were available in Texarkana,” said Lindy. “It’s a relief to know there is a local option for great cancer care.”

Lindy’s doctor referred her to Howard Morris, M.D., at the W. Temple Webber Cancer Center to receive her final treatment regimen for breast cancer – radiation therapy. Treatment included 10 minutes of radiation therapy five days a week over a six week period. Lindy had minimal side effects and was able to continue working through her treatment.

“Dr. Morris was very nice. He was very thorough and patient as he discussed my treatment,” said Lindy. “The entire staff went above and beyond. They were caring and concerned for my well-being.”

As the only fully-accredited cancer center in the region, the W. Temple Webber Cancer Center offers state-of-the-art radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and infusion services for the treatment of many cancers including breast, lung, ovarian, and prostate cancer. 

Lindy first noticed her symptoms in the fall of 2012. While there was no lump, a change in skin texture left her feeling uneasy. Lindy’s mother was in her early 40s when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer. Her mother lost her battle with breast cancer at the age of 57. Although Lindy’s mammogram came back normal, her intuition spurred her to continue to investigate her concerns. Unfortunately, Lindy’s intuition was right on target.

Lindy completed her radiation therapy on November 21, 2013, exactly one year after her diagnosis.

Cancer genetic testing for four hereditary cancer syndromes is also available at the cancer center. Cancer Genetic Educator and Clinical Oncology Patient Navigator Tammy McKamie, MSN, RN, OCN, GCN, says genetic testing can aid in a patient’s screening, detection, and treatment for cancer.

With a history of breast cancer in her family, Lindy was tested for breast and ovarian cancer syndrome. Since testing positive for the syndrome, Lindy has encouraged her family to get tested as well. “All of my family is getting tested,” said Lindy. “A few family members have already been tested. Two tested negative and one tested positive for the syndrome. There are a few more family members who will be tested soon.”

“I’m grateful my cancer was found early, grateful for my family and friends who carried me through it, and I’m grateful for the cancer care I received right here in Texarkana,” she said.