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Ann Renfro Breathes More Easily With Pulmonary Rehab

Ann Renfro

Many individuals suffering from pulmonary disorders are sedentary and avoid exercise because increased exertion often leads to breathlessness and sometimes a feeling of panic. However, a pulmonary rehabilitation program can offer benefits in terms of confidence, comfort and quality of life for patients seeking relief.

Ann Renfro was referred to the CHRISTUS St. Michael Pulmonary Rehab Program by her physician when it was discovered she had Pulmonary Pneumonitis, which causes lung inflammation and often difficulty breathing.

Although Ann graduated, she continues participating because she can tell the program has really helped.

“Pulmonary Rehab has improved my shortness of breath and ability to tolerate exercise longer… I can walk further,” shared Ann. “I am very grateful to the Pulmonary Rehab Program at CHRISTUS St. Michael. Everyone here is wonderful, and they take great care of all of us!”

The goals of pulmonary rehab are to reduce symptoms, increase tolerance of physical activities, reduce number of days spent in the hospital, and other benefits that improve overall quality of life for patients and their families.

A physician referral along with an initial evaluation is required before entry into the program. For more information, call 903-614-4262.