Stroke Program Rediscovering Independence Through Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation needs to start early to optimize the return of function and/or compensate for the disability. Our highly trained, interdisciplinary team of professionals is committed to assist the person with the stroke in their recovery. At CHRISTUS St. Michael Rehabilitation Hospital, we believe family and friends are essential members of the treatment team. We encourage them to attend therapy sessions, ask questions, and learn new ways to assist in the person’s rehabilitation. Since no two strokes are alike, our team approach is individualized to meet each person’s needs. Our goal is to achieve the highest rehabilitation potential. Our inpatient rehabilitation team includes:

Physiatrist or Rehabilitation Physician
Rehabilitation Nurse - CRRN certification
Occupational Therapist - Neuro-IFRAH™ trained therapists
Physical Therapist - NDT and Neuro-IFRAH™ trained therapists
Speech and Language Pathologist - Vital Stim, DPNS Certified
Case Manager
Social Worker
Assistive Technology Provider

CHRISTUS St. Michael Rehabilitation Hospital provides a comprehensive stroke program. Inpatients are required to participate in three hours of therapy 5-7 days a week. During the initial phase of rehabilitation, stroke patients work with the physical therapists and occupational therapists to restore normal movement, self-care, and activities of daily living. Patients will also work with their speech language pathologists on cognitive training, aphasia therapy, and dysphagia therapy. During the course of the rehabilitation, the patient will work with the rehabilitation physician, rehabilitation nurses and dietician to provide assessment and treatment of the stroke and address the stroke risk factors. A social worker is also available to assist patients and their families with coping skills and navigating community resources. Case Management will facilitate services needed during and after the patient’s rehabilitation stay, and a chaplain is always available to assist with spiritual needs.

CHRISTUS St. Michael Rehabilitation Hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission. It is also accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) for: Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital Programs:  Adults and Adolescents (15 years and older) and Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital Programs:  Stroke Specialty Programs.