Inspiring Rehabilitation Stories


I want to let everybody know that they should never underestimate the power of prayer. The human spirit is a powerful thing, and life is what you make it.


Lesley Bishop began a long journey in August 2006 when he was admitted to a Paris, Texas, hospital for severe congestive heart failure. Unfortunately, during his stay, he suffered a massive stroke that left him unable to breathe and completely paralyzed on the left side of his body. His daughters were told that Lesley had less than 24 hours to live.


I always wanted to be a star," Margie Whitehead announced of the 12th annual CHRISTUS St. Michael Rehabilitation Reunion. They were waiting to hear her story of surviving a stroke. "I just didn't know I'd have to do it like this!"


To get through the rehabilitation process, Robert believed that he needed to persevere, Every day he kept climbing the mountain of success -- he believed he would reach the top. Robert expressed that in 58 years he has never met a more humbling and kind group of people then those at the rehabilitation hospital.


Savannah Tart's journey through rehabilitation began one June evening on the way to her summer job. She didn't see or hear the train coming as she drove across the railroad tracks. When the train finally came to a stop Savannah was broken, bleeding, and battered. The miracle at that point was that she was still alive


Shane shares a special bond with his CHRISTUS St. Michael rehab therapists. "They all made me believe in myself from the very beginning. We've worked hard, and so far I've exceeded everyone's expectations. One lesson I've learned from the accident and going through physical therapy is to not take what you have today for granted, because you could lose it at any time."

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