CHRISTUS St Vincent: Better Every Day December 16, 2016


Since our humble beginning in 1865, CHRISTUS St. Vincent has grown through the years to become a fully-integrated network of top physicians and regional clinics. Today, we serve more than 300,000 Northern New Mexico residents and offer more than 30 areas of specialty care, including neurosurgery, cancer care, family medicine, women’s health and more.

What we have become, we owe to the hard work of generations before us—our friends, neighbors, and family members who have worked for, and supported CHRISTUS St. Vincent in our mission to bring the people of Northern New Mexico access to the highest quality care.

Today, their legacy lives on. From investing in state-of-the-art technology and employee development, to using process science to improve virtually every facet of our operations, CHRISTUS St. Vincent is still working hard to do more for Northern New Mexico. And we’re still getting better...every day.


2016 St Vincent Community Newsletter