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CHRISTUS St. Vincent Completes Renovation and Expansion of Pediatric Unit June 11, 2021


The inpatient pediatric unit at CHRISTUS St. Vincent now features all-private rooms for children and their families, thanks to a recent renovation. The pediatric unit's renovation began in August 2020 as part of a hospital-wide push to enhance patient privacy.

CHRISTUS St. Vincent has been on a journey to convert all rooms to private rooms throughout the facility, and the pediatric unit was part of that process,” says Amy Williams, M.D., lead pediatric hospitalist at CHRISTUS St. Vincent. “This renovation allows families to have their own space to help their baby or child improve while they are with us.

During the renovation, inpatient neonatal and pediatric care continued uninterrupted in the women’s service unit. The pediatrics unit reopened in May 2021 with a welcoming, light-filled design and a child-friendly wall in each room. Five rooms are reserved for pediatric patients and six rooms for newborns and mothers. The latter can accommodate pediatric patients, if needed.

The new pediatric unit is home to a variety of exciting features, including:

  • a Level II neonatal intensive care unit that can accommodate four babies born as early as 32 weeks
  • an updated nurses’ station, conference room and provider room
  • Hugs® infant security system, which allows caregivers to track the location of newborns anywhere in the hospital using a small, wearable, Wi-Fi-enabled device
  • in-room patient cardiac monitoring that nurses can track from the nurses’ station
  • + new bathrooms in two rooms that didn’t have one previously
  • + new wiring and finishes in each room
  • TVs in every room

I’m very excited about the updated space for both the pediatric team and patients,” Dr. Williams says. “Families now have a comfortable, inviting space while they’re here. For staff, the renovated space offers a better layout to see and care for patients.


The renovation of the pediatric unit — the only one of its kind in the surrounding area — is just one of the ways that CHRISTUS St. Vincent demonstrates its deep commitment to caring for children. Another is the presence of a multidisciplinary team that includes pediatric hospitalists, pediatric nurses, respiratory therapists, speech therapists, social workers and others.

Our team of pediatric hospitalists is available to care for patients 24/7,” Dr. Williams says. “It’s important for families to know that their children will receive care from pediatric nurses. That sets us apart because many facilities may not have nurses with that kind of specialized training.

We are so happy with the renovations,”said CHRISTUS St. Vincent President and CEO, Lillian Montoya. “The new unit is not only highly functional, but warm and inviting, as well. We view exceptional care environments as a priority for patients of all ages.