For your safety and per Public Order, mask wearing is MANDATORY for entrance into our hospital and clinics. Learn More

Current Visitor Restrictions August 13, 2021

Masks are required inside the hospital.

To ensure equal rights for our patients and visitors; we do not use race, color, religion, sex, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, disability, socioeconomic status, or physical appearance to allow, restrict, deny, or limit the visitation during hospitalization. The patient may also choose individuals who can visit or be restricted from visiting.

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Inpatient Visiting Hours:
8:00 am – 8:00 pm*

Limit two visitors per day

* Please read our Visitor Guidelines for unit- and circumstance-specific visiting hours and policies.

Seasonal Age Restriction Currently In Effect:

  • No visitors under age twelve (12) will be allowed for any service (lab, radiology, billing, inpatient area, surgical services, emergency services, etc.)
  • Children under 12 not seeking medical care will be not be allowed to enter the facility.

Outpatient – Surgery, Digestive Health, Cath Lab & IR, and Testing:

One support person may accompany a patient for outpatient testing (lab, radiology, cardiac testing, PFT, EEG, etc.) and cardiac rehab (for most testing and therapy areas). The support person will need to remain in the department lobby. We are currently unable to allow a support person for IV Infusion due to space constraints and the need to maintain six feet of space between households.

ED and Inpatients (Excluding Behavioral Health, Labor and Delivery and Pediatrics):

Two support persons per day. Both may be in the patient’s room at the same time. Support persons can change each day. Visiting hours are 8 am – 8 pm with the exception of a designated no visitor “Quiet Time” of 1 – 3 pm for the ICU.

Labor & Delivery and Pediatrics:

One support person is considered to be essential and must be constant throughout the stay (i.e. spouse or parent). A second support person may change each day. There are no set visiting hours for these units.

Behavioral Health:

One person per patient for designated visitor hours, 6 pm – 7 pm

End of Life Situations:

Once someone is designated as approaching death (comfort care, inpatient hospice, critical illness with potential quick deterioration, etc.), they will be allowed six family members/support persons at a time in the facility – three in the room at a time with the patient. All family members/support persons must check in with our entrance desk. Visitation will end one hour after the patient’s passing in most circumstances.

Bedside prayer led by Spiritual Care: Six family members can be in the vicinity of the room for a one-time 15 min prayer period for an approaching death patient led by a chaplain and/or priest.

If you have any questions concerning visitation restrictions, please call (505) 913-3900. Thank you for your patience and understanding.