CHRISTUS St. Vincent is in active communication with the New Mexico Department of Health, the CDC and the CHRISTUS Health system so that our efforts are coordinated and proactive in response to this event. Learn More

"Invested In You"

Christus St. Vincent - "Invested in You" Service Excellence Patient satisfaction is a goal CHRISTUS St. Vincent strives to meet every day. When our patients are satisfied with the care they receive at CHRISTUS St. Vincent, then we are satisfied. However, we do understand that there is always room for improvement when it comes to the patient experience in our health system and we are taking strides to make patient satisfaction a top priority. In the last few years we have re-engaged our Service Excellence Department and added new leadership to improve our efforts. The Service Excellence Department is a team of associates whose primary focus is to meet with patients and families, in order to determine any service needs and to look for opportunities to create a more compassionate environment. Service Excellence is an integral part of our success as a hopsital. Another focus of Service Excellence is on clinical and non-clinical employees. Service Excellence aims to build customer satisfaction and loyalty in an effort to sustain growth and retention. The department is responsible for developing tactics and practices for increasing commitment and building a motivating service environment.