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CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Sleep Center

Northern New Mexico's only AASM accredited sleep center in Northern New Mexico.

What to expect

Our Approach

The Sleep Center at CHRISTUS St. Vincent works with individuals suffering from all types of symptoms related to sleeping disorders. A state-of-the-art outpatient sleep laboratory, combined with trained medical and technical staff dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep/wake disorders, work with adults and children to diagnose, alleviate, and cure the symptoms and underlying causes of sleep disturbances.

Sleep studies - also called polysomnography - are used to evaluate the quality of a patient's sleep. It seeks to identify the causes of problems such as respiratory difficulties or other abnormalities. A comfortable, private room is provided to patients. A technician gathers measurements from the patient during his or her sleep cycle. An EEG collects "brain waves" using electrodes placed on the scalp. Sensors at the nose, mouth, chest, and abdomen measure breathing. An EKG measures heart rhythm from small electrodes on the chest. A technician constantly monitors the patient from a remote recording room.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders include difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep at night, or staying awake during daytime hours. Most sleep disorders can be improved or cured, but the effectiveness of treatment will depend on a detailed evaluation, an accurate diagnosis and cutting-edge therapy.

Sleep disorders affect not only the person with the disorder, but also people around them. Daily problems such as stress can lead to insomnia or brain disorders such as narcolepsy. While some disorders are treated with one night's dose of a sleep aid, some require more intensive forms of treatment, such as behavior therapy or prescription medication.

Our Location

CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Sleep Center
440 St. Michael's Dr.
Suite 150
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

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