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My Patient Experience

Frequently, we receive letters of thanks from patients, their families and friends. We are very touched by these kind words and appreciate the time and effort made to reach us. We’d like to share excerpts from some of these letters with you.

Kudos for CHRISTUS St. Vincent Pain Center

"I was seen at CHRISTUS St. Vincent Pain Center, on August 1, 2017, for initial injections for chronic, lower back pain. I was seen again on August 8, 2017, for Lumbar Medial Branch Radio Frequency Ablation. I would like to let you know that both appointments were gratifying, and pleasant.

All the information I needed, was given to me in clear, concise set of instruction, before the appointment.

Each time I went, I was welcomed cheerfully by everyone, with courtesy and respect. Every step of the procedure was carefully, and coherently explained, by each nurse, and technician I encountered. Everyone was enthusiastic, and attentive to my concerns, and questions. Each individual obviously cared very much that I totally understood all that was going to be done for me. Every step was completely explained so that I could fully understand and I very much appreciated this. I have never experienced a friendlier, or more cheerful, fun, intelligent, and caring crew in any other medical setting.

I would like to extend my profound thanks and appreciation to the following people: Melissa, Ann, Ella, Efren, John, Javier, Ruth, Sandy, and Brad.

I want to especially acknowledge Dr. Robin Hermes. She was kind enough to spend quality time with me before and after each procedure. I felt she genuinely wanted me to feel secure, and comfortable, about what I was experiencing. She thoroughly addressed all my concerns and questions, and made me feel safe and well cared for. She also called me the following day to check how I was doing."

Our Doctors

WOW Gram for Dr. Azizi (Hospitalist)
"Dr. Azizi was so informative, even drawing a picture of a heart on my board and explaining in full the results of my tests. We wish we had such a good family doctor as we did while here on vacation. He never rushed out of the room until he felt we had all of our questions answered."

WOW Gram for Dr. Azizi
"Dr. Azizi is one of the best doctors. He is very caring and attentive. We were treated very kindly. He is a very good doctor."

WOW Gram for Dr. Sims (Hospitalist)
"Dr. Sims has such a wonderful rapport with her patients and their families. She is straight-forward, compassionate, and communicates well with her patient and the family members. She is so smart and well-informed. She seems to be up on everything. We were sorry to see her shift end, but she sure deserved her days off."

Employee WOW Gram for Dr. Kovnat (Hospitalist)
"No matter how hectic and crazy things get, Dr. Kovnat always has an awesome attitude and is willing to help and do whatever he can to keep things rolling. With a cup of coffee in hand and a big smile, nothing will get in his way of providing the most excellent service to all. Thanks Dr. Kovnat."

WOW Gram for Dr. Bonu(Hospitalist)
"What a pleasure Dr. Bonu is. She is very professional and patient. She was quick and through in answering all of my questions. Thank you for your assistance with my dad."

WOW Gram for Dr. Bishop (Hospitalist)
"Thank you Dr. Bishop for your kind, competent and compassionate care. You eased my concerns and met all of my needs when I was feeling awful! Thank you!"

Kudos for Dr. Rosen (Hospitalist) and Staff
"To Dr. Y. J. Rosen and all the nursing staff, technicians, administrators, and helpers, thank you ALL so much for your first-class medical skills, caring, kindness and service during my five day stay at CHRISTUS ST. VINCENT. Many, many thanks and gratitudes."

Our Nurses

Kudos for Nurses and Physicians from Dr. Anderson
"I would like to acknowledge and commend several individuals who provided exceptional care to one of my patients yesterday. In early June I performed an uncomplicated surgical procedure on a patient. His initial postoperative course while in the recovery room was uneventful.

However, the patient then developed some mental status changes and neurological symptoms. The recovery room nurses caring for him, Lori Ayer, RN and Jennifer Kuonen, RN, exhibited exceptional clinical skills and were concerned that the patient may have suffered a cerebrovascular accident. They promptly notified Dr Peter Fishback of Anesthesiology, who agreed with their assessment and asked Dr. Olga Andreyeva of the hospitalist service to consult in the recovery room. She did this expediently, and ‘obtained an MRI confirming a cerebrovascular accident. Dr. Tarek Dammad, of the critical care service, took over primary care of the patient, and administered TPA within only 2 hours of the on-set of symptoms. Today, I am overjoyed to report that the patient has made almost a complete recovery.

The above individuals each exhibited exceptional clinical skill, communication, composure, compassion and teamwork. This is the ideal to which all of us at CHRISTUS St. Vincent should strive. I know that the patient and his family share my gratitude to these exceptional individuals. I ask that you please share this acknowledgment with Lori and Jennifer’s supervisors."

General Hospital Staff

Praise from an Albuquerque Resident
"A friend of mine had a medical emergency while driving through Santa Fe a few weeks ago. He was rushed to CHRISTUS St. Vincent via ambulance and underwent an emergency appendectomy. He was treated and released from the hospital in 18 hours. He praised the team of medical professionals and everyone he encountered at CHRISTUS St. Vincent. He said his care was “great”.

Upon hearing about our friend’s ordeal and care at your hospital, mutual acquaintances of ours insist that they hope to be near CHRISTUS St. Vincent should they ever have a medical emergency. They all insist that care at CHRISTUS St. Vincent is a cut above any hospital in the Albuquerque area."

A WOW Moment - A Man and His Dog
"An elderly man was driving across the southwest with his dog in early June when he began to experience chest pain. He was close to Santa Fe and drove to the Emergency Department, where he was treated and then moved to a room on 3200 for further treatment and observation. After being admitted, the patient expressed serious concern about his dog, because it had been left in his car overnight and it was going to be in the high 90’s that day.

Karlene Green BSN, Clinical Manager 3200, asked the patient for his car keys and went down to the parking area to retrieve the dog. Karlene brought the dog up to her office on the third floor. In the meantime, Annetta Muller, RN 3200, called her husband to see if he could come up to the hospital and take the dog to their home to be cared for while the patient recovered. The husband and kids drove from Eldorado to CSV, picked up the dog, then took care of it until the patient was ready to be discharged.

The patient was very grateful for all the care his dog received during his stay at the hospital. We would like to commend the nurses on 3200 for going the extra mile for one of our patients."