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Gerard Izard

When this former restaurateur was down, a little kidding around was just what the doctor ordered.

Izard Testimonial

“I’ve been going to Dr. Gerzain Chavez for 20 years. I give him such good reviews, now my whole family sees him. Friends, too. He’s just a good guy, you know – a sharp man.
He picked up on it right away when I first had symptoms of prostate cancer. The surgeon who treated me told me, ‘You better stick with this guy. He knows what he’s doing.’
When I asked my specialists how long I had to live, they all had serious answers. Dr. Chavez took out his calculator, added up some numbers, and said, ‘Gerard, don’t worry. You’ll live to be 87.’ He’s got a great sense of humor. He knows how to make people feel good.”

Gerard Izard, Santa Fe
Retired Restaurateur, Frenchman, Fisherman, Soccer Fan