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CHRISTUS St. Vincent Online Community Lectures

Please enjoy our free community lecture videos, designed to provide you with the latest information on important healthcare topics from your trusted local providers.

COVID 19: Where Are We Now?

Recorded October 7, 2021

CHRISTUS St. Vincent’s COVID-19 response experts bring the facts into focus, sharing the latest information about the local impact of COVID-19 and answering questions submitted by Santa Fe new Mexican readers.

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Recorded May 13, 2021

Cardiologist Dr. William Mansfield shares important information about the lifestyle factors that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and how a few simple modifications to diet and behavior can go a long way toward improving heart health.

ENT Series: Pediatric Tonsillectomy

Recorded May 5, 2021

CHRISTUS St. Vincent Ear, Nose and Throat Physician Dr. Nizhoni Denipah discusses the history of tonsillectomy, the procedure itself, and how the need for pediatric tonsillectomy is determined today.

ENT Series Thyroid Nodules

Recorded May 5, 2021

CHRISTUS St. Vincent Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists physician Dr. David Gallegos discusses the diagnoses and treatment of thyroid nodules.

ENT Series: Nasal Obstruction

Recorded May 5, 2021

CHRISTUS St. Vincent Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists physician Dr. Lily Love discusses common nasal obstruction concerns and available treatments.

ENT Series: Sinusitis

Recorded May 5, 2021

Dr. Jared Seibert from CHRISTUS St. Vincent Ear Nose & Throat Specialists discusses the types, symptoms and treatments of sinusitis.

State of the Hospital

Recorded January 4, 2021

CHRISTUS St. Vincent leaders discuss our community hospital’s most noteworthy accomplishments of 2020 and our continuing COVID-19 response.

Prostate Health, Prostate Cancer

Recorded November 20, 2020

CHRISTUS St. Vincent Chief of Urology, Dr. Eric Anderson and CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Cancer Center Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Matthew Jackson share important information regarding prostate function, disorders and cancer treatment.

Healthcare in the Age of COVID-19: Safe Surgical and Outpatient Care

Recorded August 6, 2020

CHRISTUS St. Vincent physician leaders Dr. Jose Sterling and Dr. Lance Wilson discuss safe surgery and outpatient care.

Healthcare in the Age of COVID-19: Safe Visits, Primary and Pediatric Care

Recorded August 6, 2020

Dr. Kristine Parke and Dr. Jennifer Chittum discuss CHRISTUS St. Vincent's primary and pediatric care practices and the adjustments made to safely care for patients in the age of COVID-19. Learn about in-person and virtual visits, vaccines, tips for remote learning, and more.

Healthcare in the Age of COVID-19: Safe Hospital

Recorded July 27, 2020

Providers and clinicians share local statistics and insights into the hospital’s ongoing COVID-19 response, including safe, COVID-free environments and advanced treatments. Featuring Dr. Theresa Ronan, Dr. James Marx, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Gonzales, and critical care nurse Bre Slaughter, RN, MSN.

Healthcare in the Age of COVID-19: Inside “Frost 19”

Recorded July 27, 2020

Critical Care Nurse Bre Slaughter shares her experiences working inside CHRISTUS St. Vincent’s COVID unit, “Frost-19”.