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Sexual Assault Response Team

SANE/SART Initiative

Since 1997, this program has cared for victims of sexual violence or sexual abuse throughout Northern New Mexico. Hospital staff collaborate with the Santa Fe Rape Crisis Center and the Santa Fe Police Department to deliver comprehensive, compassionate care to all survivors of sexual assault.

The program consists of specially trained sexual assault nurse examiners (SANE) at CHRISTUS St. Vincent and the sexual assault response team (SART) composed of a hospital clinician, Santa Fe Rape Crisis Center advocate, and law enforcement representatives, if indicated.

The SANE/SART program provides medical care along with thorough documentation and collection of evidence that may be used to prosecute the crime. It aids with legal investigations, if necessary, by working with city, county, state and tribal police agencies.

In a comfortable and secure setting, sexual-assault survivors can have their injuries treated and documented, be evaluated for sexually-transmitted diseases, receive appropriate pregnancy-risk prevention, collect medical and legal evidence for possible use by the judicial system, obtain immediate crisis-intervention counseling, and arrange for follow-up counseling. There is no charge for the basic exam.

Where Do I Go?

Survivors can choose to do any of the follow:

  • Go directly to CHRISTUS St. Vincent's Emergency Department and ask to be seen in the SANE unit,
  • Contact the Santa Fe Rape Crisis Center at (505) 986-9111 who will notify the SANE program,
  • Contact any law-enforcement agency to make a report and the agency can notify the SANE program,
  • Or call the SANE office at (505) 995-4999 or the SANE answering service at (505) 989-5952.

The program is available 24 hours a day. Please remember that if you have been sexually assaulted, do not eat, drink, bath, or change clothing until contacting one of the SART members listed above.