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Trinity Mother Frances Winnsboro WoundCARE Celebrates 20 Years April 26, 2016

TYLER, TX – This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Trinity Mother Frances Winnsboro WoundCARE Center providing vital healing and support to the patients of north East Texas.

“The WoundCARE Center at Winnsboro was the first of its kind in East Texas,” said Ruth Adams, Program Director, WoundCARE Center, Trinity Mother Frances Winnsboro. “We offer a world-renowned physician and surgeon who is certified and specialty trained in Wound Care. In addition, Specialty trained Wound Care nurses are part of the specialty care team.”

The clinical care team at Trinity Mother Frances Winnsboro provides individualized treatment plans designed to help speed the healing process. The WoundCARE Center also provides Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO). HBO is the administration of 100 percent oxygen in a pressurized environment (chamber) and works throughout your entire body as the level of oxygen enters the blood and body tissues. Along with Wound Therapy, HBO is often optimal for the treatment for non-healing wounds. Accepted indications are diabetic wounds (most common), osteomyelitis (second most common), failed skin grafts or flaps (third most common), radiation necrosis, necrosis and crush injuries.

WoundCARE at Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics and at Trinity Mother Frances Winnsboro has grown over the past two decades to serve the needs of patients and improve access to needed care.

“Trinity Mother Frances WoundCARE utilizes a comprehensive approach to wound care that yields some of the best outcomes in the industry,” said Adams. “TMF has a 98 percent healing rate, a 97.2 percent limb recovery rate over amputation and a 98 percent patient satisfaction rate. We offer a full continuum of care through hospital services and proactive, cost-effective case management. We work with the primary care physician of every patient to determine the most effective course of action and provide progress reports until we are able to return the patient to their care upon completion of wound care treatment.”

“For two decades, the people of north East Texas have been able to count on the expertise and skill of the TMF Winnsboro WoundCARE Center,” said Janet Coates, Chief Executive Officer, Mother Frances Hospital Winnsboro. “Our skilled physicians and wound care specialists are committed to providing compassionate and quality care. Our entire team’s commitment to excellence has driven the success of the WoundCARE Center for 20 years, and our desire to continue that legacy of excellence will propel us into the future.

For more information about Wound Care treatment, call (903) 342-3973.