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New Lung Care Center Unveiled at CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital October 22, 2018

Tyler, TX – Lung and respiratory patients in Northeast Texas will breathe a little easier thanks to the generosity of two Foundation Champions and the opening of The Louis W. Owen Lung Care Center at the CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital. This newly completed sixth floor will use the existing model of cooperative, evidence-based practice for heart patient care and expand it to pulmonary medicine, seeing its first patients on October 22.

Mrs. Peaches Owen and Mrs. Elizabeth Sutton were honored in a ceremony on October 15, on the newly opened sixth floor of the Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital for their continued philanthropic commitment benefiting the cardiology programs of CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital.

“The new unit will focus primarily on the care of patients with pulmonary diseases such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and lung cancer,” said James Caccitolo, M.D., Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System. “The Lung Care Center will be staffed with specialized nurses, respiratory therapists and Advanced Practice Providers, all highly trained specifically for pulmonary issues who will work closely with the Pulmonary Medicine physicians to develop and implement treatment protocols specific to the lung diseases there.”

The new facility is a 24-bed, intermediate care unit - which provides more intensive monitoring and patient management with higher nurse/patient ratios than the general areas but less than is offered in the ICU – will offer an ability to treat more efficiently and effectively patients with lung disease.

“The improvements brought on by the Louis W. Owen Lung Care Center will allow us to diagnose and treat patients in a timelier fashion, reduce the length of their stay and improve outcomes,” said Gena Ragland, RN, BSN, Clinical Director of the new Lung Care Center. “Lung care goes hand-in-hand with heart care, especially in Northeast Texas, where the rates of COPD and other lung diseases are higher than the national and state averages. In this new facility, we will be able to make an even greater impact on one of this region’s most pressing health concerns.”
In celebration of the life of Louis W. Owen, his wife Marie “Peaches” Owen dedicated The Louis W. Owen Lung Care Center. The creation of the Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital ushered in a new era in heart care, incorporating the latest technologies and processes with healing concepts and patient-centered features. This new addition, housed on the sixth floor of the Heart Hospital, is designed to help patients who struggle with chronic lung disease.

“Patients who come from all over Northeast Texas with every conceivable lung condition can expect the latest advances in prevention, diagnosis and treatment at the Louis W. Owen Lung Care Center,” said Deb Chelette, RN, BSN, MHA Associate Vice President, CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital and NETX Cardiovascular Services. “Our goal is to deliver extraordinary care for any lung condition – from asthma, to COPD, to rare lung cancers. Louis Owen’s powerful legacy of giving will continue to serve generations of patients in our region through this world-class facility,” said Deb.

The Sutton Waiting Room in the Lung Care Center, dedicated by Elizabeth Sutton, will provide a quiet location for family and friends of patients to recharge, rest or read while waiting on patient updates. With more than 35 million Americans living with a chronic lung disease, the growing demand for pulmonary services would not have been met without generous and caring people like the Suttons.

Chris Glenney, Chief Executive Officer of CHRISTUS Health Northeast Texas remarked, “The impact these families have made over the years is immense. These gifts will help generations of patients live longer and enjoy a better quality of life,” said Glenney. “We at CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances are grateful for the Owen and Sutton families. They have truly been our partners, and we cherish their spirit of giving.”