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CHRISTUS Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute Reaches New Levels of Treatment, Performance July 27, 2021

Tyler, Texas – When the CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute welcomes its first patients on August 16, 2021, Northeast Texans will be able to reach new levels of treatment and performance in both their daily living and athletic endeavors. This ultra-modern, state-of-the-art facility is home to a team of world-class orthopedic, sports medicine and podiatry clinicians providing residents and athletes advanced diagnostics and treatment in one centralized location.

“This is an important development for CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System, for CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic, as well as for the people and athletes of Northeast Texas who trust us for orthopedic and sports medicine care,” said Jason Proctor, Chief Executive Officer, CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospitals - Tyler, South Tyler, Jacksonville and the CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital - Tyler. “With this state-of-the-art facility, we are thrilled to expand access to the award-winning, faith-based, patient-centered care that is at the heart of our place in this community.”

The new CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute is a beautifully designed, four-story structure at the corner of Broadway and Cumberland that encompasses approximately 62,000 square feet of world-class diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation space. The ground floor includes the Rehabilitation Center and the Community Education Center, which will host lectures, screenings, and community and organization events for up to 50 people. The first floor also includes the all-new Human Performance Center.

Peak Performance Training and Conditioning

The Human Performance Center is a 5,500 square foot Fitness Facility containing the safest, most technologically advanced equipment in the market today. This includes Selectorized Equipment, plate-loaded equipment, multi-purpose equipment, and cardiovascular equipment from Techno Gym. There is also 25 yards of indoor turf for movement training for both Human Performance and Physical Therapy.

The Human Performance Center includes:

  • Individualized Structural Balance Assessment – Collecting individual data to correct imbalances.
  • Medical Fitness – Medically-integrated programs designed specifically for the patients of CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System
  • Team and Organization Training – Team building through fitness for business organizations and sports teams.
  • Sports Performance Training – Athletes can raise their game to the next level by training the sport-specific energy systems and demands of their sport.
  • Adult Training – Specialized functional and movement training for adults looking to take control of their physical lifestyles.
  • Youth Training – Young athletes can learn to properly train motor behavior patterns by becoming stronger, learning to move faster, and gaining confidence every day.

“The Human Performance Center is something that we are tremendously excited to bring to the people of this community and this region,” Anne Pileggi, Chief Operating Officer, CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospitals – Tyler, South Tyler and Jacksonville. “The Center will support athlete training programs, extended recovery/rehabilitation treatment beyond primary rehab services, and offer a groundbreaking pre-surgical fitness intervention program to accelerate recovery. We believe there is simply nothing that can compare to this level of expertise in our region, and it will make a huge impact on the health and recovery of the athletes we treat.”

World Class Orthopedic Care

The second and third floors include the Orthopedics teams and diagnostic imaging support. The specialists at CHRISTUS Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute have the expertise and experience needed to treat an array of orthopedic conditions including:

  • Cartilage Restoration and Preservation
  • Minimally invasive techniques like arthroscopy
  • Robotic Surgery
    • MAKOplasty – treats osteoarthritis of the knee through minimally-invasive, surgeon-assisted robotic technology
  • Total Joint Replacement including knee, hip and shoulder
  • Sports Medicine and athletic care

“This Institute provides patients with access to the specialists they need, as well as services and expertise they can’t get anywhere else, which demonstrates our commitment to serving this community and the Northeast Texas region,” said Steven Keuer, M.D., President, CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic. “Our mission as a system is to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, and this Institute allows us to further that mission, to help people live healthier, more impactful lives.”

In order to properly diagnose a patient’s orthopedic needs and to provide the best care plan, the Institute utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, including MRI, CT and X-ray capabilities.

The fourth floor includes Podiatry and other specialty services. Our podiatry team treats all lower extremity injuries and conditions, including foot pain, fractures and ulcerations; ankle sprains, heel pain and plantar fasciitis; and arthritic foot disorders.

“This new facility is a wonderful resource for our patients, and not only with sports medicine and orthopedics, but with our Podiatry patients, as well,” said Jonathan Hosch, DPM, Lead Physician - CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic Podiatry at Institute. “At this Institute, all the providers, nurses and Associate teams work together to provide high-quality, patient-centered care to our patients in order to improve their movement, function, and fitness. We provide a tremendous, team approach in a facility unlike anything else in the region.”

Sports Medicine

In addition to diagnosing and treating athletes, the CHRISTUS Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute provides Sports Medicine services through partnerships with area school athletic departments, including professional training and physician services to keep athletes healthy and ready to perform at the highest level.

  • Athletic Training and Education
  • Pre-Participation Screenings
  • Physician School Visits
  • Saturday Morning Sports Injury Clinics
  • Rehabilitation Services

“Our team is dedicated to getting athletes back on their feet and back in the game,” said Jayesh Patel, M.D., CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic Orthopedic Surgeon. “Our board-certified and fellowship-trained Sports Medicine specialists treat all sports-related injuries or conditions in both youth and adults. Injuries, especially those left untreated, can negatively affect an athlete’s performance and even quality of life after sports. The Institute is dedicated to ensuring safe recovery for athletes to continue doing what they love at the best of their abilities.”

“This facility centralizes and connects the orthopedics and sports medicine experts and treatments at a location that is more easily accessible for a lot of East Texans,” said William Hobbs, M.D., Institute Chair, CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. “This facility connects our patients to the treatments, imaging and specialists needed to examine and treat patients as efficiently and effectively as possible. We are excited to welcome the community into this facility, expanding access to the award-winning, faith-based care that our communities have trusted for more than 80 years.”