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2018 Miracle Child – “Joyful" Jack Bryans

Jack Bryans

The Bryans family have four amazing children. Luke, Jordan and Molly were all born at CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital - Tyler, but 2018 Miracle Child, “Joyful” Jack came into the Bryans family a little differently.

Renae and Casey, became licensed foster parents in April 2013, and quickly received a call for their first foster child, a three-week old baby boy who was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at CHRISTUS Mother Frances - Tyler due to “failure to thrive.”

After meeting Jack and caring for him alongside the NICU team, Renae and Casey took their baby boy home, knowing he would have some developmental delays. Jack was right at home with the Bryans, and they eventually adopted him into their family.

He continued to show signs of significant developmental delays, and his parents became increasingly concerned. By his first birthday, Jack was unable to sit up on his own. The Bryans knew they were facing something more complicated than general developmental delays. CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic pediatrician, Dr. Mark Barret, ran a series of tests including an MRI that revealed lesions on Jack’s brain, evidence of a metabolic disease. On January 22, 2016 Jack’s diagnosis was confirmed as Leigh’s Syndrome, a severe, progressive, and currently incurable neurometabolic mitochondrial disease that affects the entire body.

Laughing and smiling through life is how “Joyful Jack” received his nickname. He is surrounded by older siblings, parents and family friends who adore him, and is able to receive care in his hometown of Tyler, Texas. His dedicated team of caregivers are supported by resources provided by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

“There is no cure for this and it’s a terrible diagnosis,” Renae said. “It just reminds us to choose joy in all things and that life is a gift.”

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