Grateful Patient

Every life experience is unique and every encounter precious. Your experience may have been an extraordinary, life-changing surgery performed by an expertly skilled surgeon and team of talented nurses. Or something as simple as the offering of a warm blanket or words of spiritual support. If your heart was touched, we invite you to recognize those special caregivers for their dedication to a life of hope and healing.

Please take a moment to recognize your special caregiver and to tell your story through the Grateful Patient Program. The honored individual will receive a copy of your submission along with a "Guardian Angel" pin to proudly wear.

Our Grateful Patient Program also offers a place to share a gift of appreciation to honor a loved one or an important occasion, or to support one of the many worthy projects of CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System. However you choose to express your gratitude, be assured your tax-deductible gift is cherished and will be used to improve the health of East Texans now and in the future.

Honor Your Caregiver