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eVISIT at MyChart

Quick | Convenient | Affordable

An eVISIT at MyChart is an affordable and convenient first step to assess and treat non-urgent, minor illnesses and injuries. For adults, things like a headache, heartburn, sinus problems, swimmer’s ear, lice, pink/red eye, urinary issues or back pain – that you feel you can manage for 24 hours.

And if you feel you can manage your child’s symptoms for 24-hours, an eVISIT at might save a trip to the clinic for treatment of swimmer’s ear, lice, pink/red eye, or a follow-up for ADHD.

Simple eVISIT Steps

  • Log-in to MyChart
  • Click eVisits on the Messaging Tab
  • Read and accept eVisit Terms and Conditions
  • Complete Billing and Symptom forms
    • Should your condition require an in-office visit within seven days of your eVisit, your eVisit cost will be reimbursed or applied to your in-office visit.
    • NOTE: charges to your account will show the name of your clinic.
  • Click Submit
  • By the end of the next business day, you will receive email notification that your results are available in MyChart.

For more information, visit or call 844.606.DOCS.