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We value your health and safety and are doing everything we can to minimize the risk of spread of infectious disease throughout our community, including the coronavirus (COVID-19). If you are ill with fever or cough or shortness of breath and have had travel to any region that has known community spread of coronavirus or if you have any of the above symptoms and exposure to a person with confirmed or suspected COVID-19, call 1-800-458-4559 to be connected to our CHRISTUS COVID Hotline Learn More

Our Approach

CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances is easily accessible and offers patients and their family members a beautiful and comfortable environment for inpatient and outpatient surgery. We are able to provide East Texans suffering from pain or immobility due to bone or joint disorders access to a variety of orthopedic services including education, injury prevention, surgical procedures including joint replacement, physical therapy and pain management.

CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital is the only orthopedic health care provider in East Texas designated as a Blue Cross Blue Shield BlueDistinction Center+ for Spine Surgery and Hip and Knee Replacement.

Injuries or normal wear and tear of the major joints may result in conditions that cause chronic pain or discomfort and should be evaluated to determine the best course of treatment.

An orthopedic surgeon or sports medicine physician can evaluate your condition and discuss the different treatment options with you.

Providing Compassionate and Quality Care

Most patients who undergo minimally or non-invasive orthopedic procedures at CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances, are able to recover and return to their active lifestyle rather quickly. And often injuries or diseases of the bone, ankle, foot, knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand can be treated as outpatient procedures at our facility, meaning no hospital stay.

For patients needing acute care, the highly skilled nurses, therapists and staff available at CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances provide the quality care needed to assist our patients in recovery from serious bone and/or joint injury or disease.

Regardless of the procedure performed or the extent of the injury, all of our orthopedic surgery patients participate in physical medicine and rehabilitation in order to facilitate a quicker recovery. For inpatient procedures, rehabilitation begins during the patient’s hospital stay and continues after they have been discharged.

Bone and Joint Related Services

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