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Campaign Honorees

Laboratory team

Each year the Lights of Life Campaign committee nominates a person, a couple or a business to recognize at the Gala. These honorees are usually people that have served the community or the hospital in profound ways. This year, the Foundation Board unanimously and decisively chose our frontline heroes, our local doctors, nurses and health care workers as this year’s recipients. As always, they have faithfully cared for and served us, but this year, they have truly been in the trenches. They have risked their own health to attend to ours. They have experienced hardship and heartache like never before. They have fought for and saved lives and have mourned alongside families. They have braved exposure in order to care for us, and they have worked extra hours when their team members had to quarantine. And they have done so joyfully, as is their calling. We are proud to stand behind them and offer this honor on behalf of the Foundation and our community.

Perinatal team

Mickey McKenzie