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Patient and Family Centered Care During Critical Care

When your child needs special care for a critical health condition, they can be in no better hands than those of the PICU at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. Here we recognize the importance of family and we promote opportunities for parents to be involved in all aspects of their child’s care. We do not perceive parents and grandparents as visitors. Our PICU staff and physicians support and respect your family's role as part of the health care team. Our PICU provides open visitation to immediate family 24 hours a day and supports bedside report and family presence during resuscitation.
When your child is at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, doctors and nurses watch every child around the clock to provide safe and comforting care. When you are unable to be with your child, your can call the PICU (210-704-2965) or the PIMC (210-704-2565) to inquire about the status of your child.