Financial Assistance

Do You Need Financial Assistance?

CHRISTUS Health is a Catholic, faith-based, non-profit health care system dedicated to improving the health of the people in the communities it serves. Because of this, CHRISTUS Health has a policy in place to provide care for patients in need of financial assistance. Patients with family incomes at or below 300 percent of applicable federal poverty guidelines are eligible for charity care. In addition, patients with significant medical bills and income above 300 percent of applicable federal poverty guidelines may be eligible for charity care as well. To qualify for charity care, you will need to apply for financial assistance and provide proof of income.

Patients who are unable to pay for all or a portion of their treatment may apply for charity care by talking with a financial counselor at a CHRISTUS hospital. These counselors will first help you apply for government assistance if you are eligible. Enrolling in government programs is best, as they may help you improve your health by providing things like preventative care in order to identify diseases and chronic conditions early. To speak to a financial counselor, please contact your local facility. (You can use the facility finder below to locate contact information). CHRISTUS hospitals post notices about the Charity Care Program in their Emergency Departments and Business Offices, including how a patient may apply for charity care.

For more information about charity care and our commitment to increasing access to health care for the uninsured and underserved, please visit the Community Health section of our website.

Partnering to Help You

CHRISTUS partners with Elevate Patient Financial Solutions to provide free financial advocacy for patients who do not have medical insurance. We will work with patients to identify what assistance may be available to them for medical bills.

You may have been referred to Elevate Patient Financial Solutions  if you received care from CHRISTUS without insurance, or if a financial counselor identified you may need more insurance coverage.