Spiritual Care

at CHRISTUS Health

Dedicated Spiritual Care Team

At CHRISTUS Health, our Spiritual Care Team is committed to offering spiritual care to patients, families, friends, staff, and the community. This is true, especially during times of illness and hospitalization. Our chaplains are professionally board-certified and clinically trained to provide ecumenical support.

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Support from a chaplain offers space for reflection, expressing gratitude, seeking guidance, and finding peace, especially during difficult times. Chaplain support can help ease loneliness and provide a sense of community, connection, and support.

Our chaplains offer personalized support, regardless of your spiritual beliefs or background.

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Are you or a loved one coping with an illness? Looking for spiritual guidance? Needing prayer? Connect with a Chaplain for free and confidential service.

Healing for the Body, Mind, and Spirit

We believe acknowledging the human spiritual nature of our patients is a vital component of our healing ministry. A "wholistic" view of patient care attends to the body, mind, and spirit. We respect your viewpoint and are sensitive to the unique spiritual needs of each person we serve. The Spiritual Care Team leads the effort to ensure this aspect of care is honored. We serve all patients and families regardless of faith or affiliation. Our staff and chaplains are always ready to offer support to the spiritual well-being of our patients and their friends and family. 

Our ministry includes, but is not limited to:

  • Spiritual and emotional support
  • Prayer
  • Grief and loss counseling
  • Situations regarding end-of-life care
  • Information about advance directives
  • Help in dealing with worries, fears, questions, or pain
  • Help with ethical concerns, values, and decisions
  • Support during times of crisis or emergency situations
  • Family team conferences
  • Providing Sacraments or religious services as appropriate
  • Pastoral counseling
  • Worship services