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10 Conditions You Can Treat with a Video Visits from Home

Discover the power of video visits in healthcare. Learn about the top 10 conditions you can treat from home, understand the disparities in access, and join the revolution for efficient, on-demand healthcare. Start your first video visit today.

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Do You Have an Exercise Prescription?

Exercise prescriptions are becoming more popular in health care, as they are a simple way to improve overall health and empower patients. Learn more about the benefits of exercise prescriptions.

What is Holistic Sports Medicine?

Holistic sports medicine is a new approach emerging in healthcare that focuses on the overall well-being of athletes. This holistic approach recognizes that athletes are not merely physical beings but complex individuals who require comprehensive care. 

Navigating Your Care with a Primary Care Provider

Your primary doctor's goal should be to navigate your health concerns with prevention while referring you to specialists when appropriate.

Learn How to Reduce the Risk of Slips and Falls

Slipping and falling in your own home can cause serious injury, yet falls are one of the most common accidents in our homes.