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Patient sick in bed with the flu and is in a virtual care appointment

Parents: Schedule Testing for Flu, Strep, COVID Without Long Waits

On Demand Care is a service designed for busy parents seeking convenient testing for their children. Whether it's Flu, Strep, or COVID, avoid the long waits and get your child tested promptly. Experience comfort with consultations from home and receive fast results, ensuring your child gets the care they need without the hassles.

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10 Conditions You Can Treat with a Video Visits from Home

Discover the power of video visits in healthcare. Learn about the top 10 conditions you can treat from home, understand the disparities in access, and join the revolution for efficient, on-demand healthcare. Start your first video visit today.

7 Reasons to Take Your Child to an ER

8 Reasons You Should Take Your Child to a Children’s ER

A pediatric emergency room has the doctors, specialists, and resources to better treat children. Learn more about when you should take your child to a children's ER.

ER vs. Urgent Care

Knowing the difference between urgent care and an emergency room can help you make the right decision for your health more quickly. See which one you need to go to and when.

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