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Family taking a virtual care appointment from the comforts of their home.

How Virtual Care Works with Primary Care

Learn how CHRISTUS Health integrates their telemedicine solution - On Demand Care - with primary care to enhance your healthcare experience. Get immediate access, information sharing, and comprehensive care.

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10 Conditions You Can Treat with a Video Visits from Home

Discover the power of video visits in healthcare. Learn about the top 10 conditions you can treat from home, understand the disparities in access, and join the revolution for efficient, on-demand healthcare. Start your first video visit today.

Sinus Infections vs. Allergies: Key Differences and Effective Treatment Strategies

Sinus Infections vs. Allergies: Learn how to identify unique symptoms, manage conditions effectively, and when to seek medical help for both.

Boost Immunity and Conquer Sickness in 2024 with Proven Strategies

Stay healthy in 2024. Discover essential tips for a strong immune system and have a game plan when sickness strikes through On Demand Care.

Health Insights: Top 5 Conditions Treated through On Demand Care in 2023

Explore the top 5 health conditions treated through CHRISTUS On Demand Care in 2023. Learn what health conditions to expect, and how to get treatment through On Demand Care when an illness hits in 2024.

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