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Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated and Safe: Tips for Summer Workouts

Get expert advice from CHRISTUS specialists on how to stay safe and hydrated while working out in summer heat.

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Stop The Bleed

In emergencies, the ability to stop severe bleeding cases significantly impacts saving lives when medical personnel is not on the scene. Whether it’s from an accident, assault, or natural disaster, time is of the essence. Knowing how to act can mean the difference between life and death. The following are some quick tips to help you STOP THE BLEED immediately.

The Importance of Amputee Rehabilitation

CHRISTUS Ochsner Amputee Support and Networking Group provides amputees with a community of support, connection, and learning from one another about getting back to a normal life.

6 Clinicians Share Advice They Would Give Their Own Parents

Mother Seeks Answers for Rare Thyroid Condition

After Krystal Shermer and her three children were all diagnosed with a similar thyroid disorder, an endocrinologist suggested the family undergo genetic testing to find out if they had a form of genetic thyroid hormone resistance.

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