CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System Honors Volunteers for Service

5/17/2023 1:13 AM

Erma Short believes volunteering gives her a pathway to serve others, which is why can find her at the CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System main information desk on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons.

“I don’t expect to always experience life-changing encounters with every person I meet,” Short said. “But I know through my volunteer role, I am able to make little differences in their lives, often in challenging times.”

One of 33 volunteers honored for service this week, Erma received her 5,000-hour service bar -- the highest cumulative hours among the 2023 celebrants.

Volunteers were recognized for service at the 100, 200, 300, 500, 750, 1,000-hour levels and then in increasing increments of 500 hours yearly.

Together, the 33 honorees, along with the other volunteers have accumulated nearly 73,000 hours of donating their time and talents to community service at CHRISTUS St. Michael facilities in various areas, such as the gift shop and information desks.

Jan Lewis, gift shop manager, received recognition for 4,000 hours, and Wanda Adcock was awarded her 3,000-hour bar.

Other awardees are Karen Meredith - 2,500 hours; Rita Adams, Nedra Frady and Paula Warren - 2,000 hours; Diane Moss and Pam Williams - 1,500 hours; and Linda Schafer - 1,000 hours.

“Our volunteers serve such a vital role in fulfilling our mission for our community,” said Sister Jeanne Connell, director of auxiliary volunteer. “We are pleased to recognize the impact of their service through this annual celebration.”