Physician Performs First Robotic-Assisted Gastric Sleeve Surgery at CHRISTUS Ochsner St. Patrick Hospital Using the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System

Patient shares life-changing testimony about benefits of robotic-assisted weight loss (bariatric) surgery

4/27/2023 2:30 PM

Matias Nauts, D.O., performed the first robotic-assisted gastric sleeve surgery at CHRISTUS Ochsner St. Patrick Hospital on September 13, 2022. Currently, he is the only surgeon in the region performing robotic-assisted weight loss surgeries. Robotic-assisted procedures are scientifically proven to have shorter surgery times, smaller incisions and faster recovery times.

Nelson Williams was the first patient to undergo the gastric sleeve procedure using this advanced technology and has since made a full recovery. The procedure has allowed Williams to excel at work and to take part in activities he enjoys.

“Before I had surgery, my weight was up and down, I had knee problems and high blood pressure,” Williams said. “Ever since the weight loss surgery, I’ve lost 75 pounds, my knee doesn’t hurt me anymore, I’ve got good mobility. I can go up and down the stairs with no problem. I’m not on my high blood pressure medication anymore. I have good energy.”

“This is just one of many patients in Southwestern Louisiana who have already benefitted from the robotic-assisted gastric sleeve procedure since we started offering this option,” said Dr. Nauts. “We are happy to be able to meet a need here in our region in a way that allows them to recover and return to their normal lives much quicker than with traditional laparoscopic surgery.”

The da Vinci Surgical System is used for a variety of surgeries, including abdominal, gynecological, prostate, bariatric, hernia and most general surgeries. It’s a technological advancement that has benefited both doctors and patients by providing precision that shortens operating times in many surgeries and allows for a quicker recovery for the patients.

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