COVID-19 Vaccine

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Beth Vaughn

CVICU Clinical Nurse Director Beth Vaughn gave birth to a beautiful baby girl two years ago. Shortly after giving birth, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Like many other parents, Beth and her husband had to decide whether to send their daughter to daycare. They hesitated since a vaccine had not been developed yet, but ultimately they decided to send her. There was so much "worrying, fear, and doubt in the months to follow," Beth says, "it felt like the nation [was] holding its breath while we awaited hope. Then God delivered this life-saving vaccine."  

While the choice to protect their family by receiving a COVID-19 Vaccination was an easy one, they did their research. Beth's husband has a doctorate in Pharmacy, they reviewed "the research, and together we agreed the benefits outweighed the risks of dying of COVID-19."  

As soon as Beth and her husband were eligible, they made an appointment to help protect their family and their precious baby.