COVID-19 Vaccine

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Felecia Colton

As a caregiver to a special needs daughter, twin grandchildren, and elderly parents, Felecia Caywood Colton, a Patient Access Representative at CHRISTUS Southeast Texas, has to stay healthy.  

Earlier this year Felecia, lost her Mother-in-law to COVID, "We were devastated that the shots were out, but she was exposed to the virus before having the opportunity to get one." 

She explains, "Working here at CHRISTUS, I saw firsthand the toll the virus was having on patients and their families. After having the vaccine, I felt a sense of freedom! Although we still need to maintain a social distance, wear a mask, keep our areas and ourselves sanitized, we have come a long way. Being vaccinated still gives me [a] sense of freedom today knowing that I have done my part in protecting myself, my family, my co-workers, and YOU!"