Our Research Efforts

The CHRISTUS Institute for Innovation and Advanced Clinical Care (CIIACC) focuses on bringing cutting-edge and innovative clinical research participation opportunities to help combat the wildly spread COVID-19 pandemic. We strive to make meaningful contributions towards the advancement of science and medicine for our diverse patients. 

During the ongoing public health crisis, CIIACC is committed to being at the forefront of identifying solutions to the evolving science around COVID-19 disease. We collaborate with government, industry, and academia to offer the safest, scientifically meritorious, and most relevant clinical research participation opportunities for communities throughout Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico, including our international healthcare systems in Mexico, Colombia, and Chile.

Type of Ongoing COVID-19 Clinical Research

  • Screening Research 
  • Treatment Research (Innovative Therapies) 
  • Treatment Research (Drugs)
  • Surveillance Research