Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

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CHRISTUS Health has board-certified neonatologists specializing in the care of premature infants or newborns who need extra medical care. Our Level II, Level III and Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit staff cares for a wide range of babies who are born prematurely, have low birth weights, and with multiple medical problems. At every hour, any day of the week, we provide the highest level of specialized care for premature and critically ill infants.

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NICU Levels

Level II

A Level II NICU is typically for babies who are born more than 32 weeks gestation or recovering from serious conditions.

Level III

A Level III NICU is usually for babies who are born less than 32 weeks gestation that offers a full range of respiratory support and critical illnesses.

Level IV

A Level IV NICU is a multidisciplinary facility that offers a wide range of medical and surgical services for newborn and premature babies.

A baby sleeping on it's backSafe Sleep

Safe sleep means putting your baby to sleep in a way that protects him from dangers, like suffocation, choking, and Sudden Infant Deaths Syndrome (SIDS). To learn more about sleep safe click here.

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Miracle NICU Babies


The Level IV NICU at CHRISTUS Children's in San Antonio offers advanced care for newborns and their families, especially babies born prematurely or with special medical conditions.

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