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Our Approach

We focus on self-management education for people with diabetes who are at high risk for complications. Our comprehensive services range from intensive management with our diabetes nurse practitioner to specialized education in our American Diabetes Association recognized program. Our diabetes educators will meet with you one-on-one with you and your family to assess your personalized treatment and lifestyle modification needs. You will also have the opportunity to participate in group classes enabling you to learn about diabetes whether it is something new or something you've been living with for years.

Our team of diabetes specialists and certified diabetes educators help you and your families:

  • Understand how diabetes affects blood glucose levels
  • Learn how to monitor blood glucose at home
  • Understand how to select foods to assist in controlling blood glucose levels
  • Prevent low blood glucose levels

Educational Support Classes

Join a certified diabetes educator for CHRISTUS Santa Rosa's Diabetes Self-management Education classes. Learn how to live a healthier life with diabetes while making sense of your blood sugar numbers and finding out how diabetes affects your body. The Diabetes Self-Management classes will also cover how to control your blood sugar with meal plans, exercise, and medications.

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CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital-Medical Center
2827 Babcock Road
San Antonio, Texas 78229

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