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Our Approach

We take a loving approach to maternity care. In our family-centered environment, mothers and newborns stay together in the same room and share the same nurse encouraging our new families to bond with their babies.

Should your newborn require additional medical support, it’s reassuring to know that our advanced Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is available at every hour, any day of the week.

From our experienced board-certified Maternal-Fetal Medicine physicians to the latest in newborn intensive care, we're prepared to handle anything that puts you or your baby at risk. We hope you'll never need our special care services, but you can rest easy knowing we're here for you and your baby, providing the best care possible if the need arises.

For our expectant mothers who plan to deliver at our hospital here at our Westover Hills facility, we want to provide you with the educational tools and resources needed to know what you can expect when you are expecting. Our Great Expectations Booklet is filled with helpful information (including a birthing class schedule) you can utilize.

Great Expectations Booklet

Great Expectation Classes

Great Expectations is our prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum class that helps expectant parents get off to a great start with their newborns. Register for classes that meet two months before your due date.

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CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital - Westover Hills
11212 State Highway 151
San Antonio, Texas 78251

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Programs and Services

  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Maternity and Family Care
  • Mother's Milk Bank of Austin
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