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Outpatient Lactation Clinic

The Outpatient Lactation Clinic at CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth is dedicated to assisting families in achieving their personal breastfeeding goals with professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable lactation support. By carefully listening, we seek to empower mothers in a collaborative manner with education and evidenced-based practices. We offer a welcoming, nurturing environment where moms can freely share their experiences, allowing them to lower their stress when breastfeeding is challenging.

Services and Amenities:

  • One-on-one consultation with an registered nurse or Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Observation and assessment of a nursing session, teaching of techniques to facilitate correct and effective breastfeeding, infant weight check with digital scale, and a written
  • Personalized plan of care to promote breastfeeding success

Mother Concerns:

  • Pain related to nipple/breast, mastitis, engorgement, plugged ducts, thrush/yeast, latch problems
  • Supply of low milk or oversupply and weaning support
  • Health history such as fertility issues, breast surgeries, prior breastfeeding issues, hormonal issues and breast health concerns

Baby/Child Concerns:

  • Slow weight gain, supplemental feeds
  • Non-latching baby, suck dysfunction, oral motor issues, tongue and lip tie
  • Feeding tools such as bottles, nipple shields
  • Special concerns such as pre-maturity, multiples, traumatic birth, medical and anatomical issues
Consultations at the Outpatient Lactation Clinic are available by appointment only and require a physician referral. Referrals are accepted for all mothers and babies.

If you would like to learn more about our breastfeeding support and what it could mean for you, call 409-236-2229.

Beautiful Birth Stories


The CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth team couldn’t be prouder. They’re the only hospital in Beaumont to get this recognition and of 5,550 hospitals in the United States, only 428 are active Baby-Friendly hospitals or birth centers.

Beautiful Birth Stories