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Wellness in Motion You don’t have to be a patient to benefit from the Colston Wellness Gym. Fitness professionals with the facility offer a full spectrum of workouts for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Xenia Adrian is among the many people who wanted to try the Colston Wellness Gym because of its wide range of services. “I’m a mom and a student, and I’m planning a wedding!” Adrian says. “I’m pretty busy, so I need to make the most of my time when I work out. I was trying to find a gym that’s right for me.”

Years ago, local businessman Bill Colston Jr. was in the midst of physical rehabilitation following a surgical procedure. Exercise at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Kleberg’s wellness gym was a critical piece of his recovery. The outpatient rehabilitation and wellness center was held in a small off-site space at the time, and Colston felt inspired to make a contribution to help construct a larger facility dedicated to wellness. Through the Colston family’s inspiration and generous donation, CHRISTUS Spohn constructed a larger facility dedicated to wellness.

“Mr. Colston was so impressed with our therapy at that time that he gave a generous gift to the CHRISTUS Spohn Foundation to construct something larger,” says Penny Merriman, director of rehabilitation services at CHRISTUS Spohn community hospitals. “He wanted to help the community focus on health and wellness. It is through his vision and his dream that we have the Colston Family Physical Rehabilitation and Wellness Center and the Colston Wellness Gym.

More Than a Gym

A state-of-the-art facility that is perfect for anyone who wants to get in great shape, the Colston Wellness Gym is housed on the second floor of the Colston Family Physical Rehabilitation and Wellness Center. The Colston Wellness Gym is staffed by fitness professionals with strong backgrounds in exercise science and kinesiology — the study of the mechanics of movement.

“We are a medically based fitness facility, which is what sets us apart from other gyms in the area,” Penny says. “Our team looks at predisposing factors, such as injuries or existence of conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure, and works them into each individual’s fitness regimen.”

The Technogym® SmartKey system is a tool that both trainers and trainees may use as they work to achieve wellness goals, such as losing weight and building endurance. The journey begins with an initial fitness assessment that captures important data, such as height, weight, heart rate and body mass index. That information is then downloaded onto a SmartKey that may be plugged into a kiosk each time an individual enters the center.

“The system is set up so it tells you where to go and what to do for your warm-up, workout and cool down,” Penny says. “It eliminates any guesswork and shows you the progress you are making to help you stay motivated.”

In addition to the SmartKey, the gym also features amenities such as an aquatic area, a full spectrum of exercise classes, a juice bar, massage therapy services and a walking track. Come see the new Colston Wellness Gym and let the CHRISTUS Spohn fitness experts help you reach your fitness goals this year.