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Our Approach

At CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Memorial, our behavioral health services include diagnosis and psychiatric treatment for adults, especially geriatric patients. We have three main psychiatric units:

  • Adult behavioral health unit for patients who need ongoing mental health treatment
  • Crisis stabilization unit for patients who are in mental health crisis
  • Geriatric unit for older patients who need treatment for both mental and general health conditions

We also work closely with patients and their family caregivers to develop individualized treatment plans. Among the treatment options we offer are:

  • Medical care and medication management
  • Individual and group therapy to help patients with changes in memory, self-care issues and life transitions and loss
  • Education and support for family caregivers, including therapy

Behavioral Health Counselors

Our board-certified psychiatrists work with patients who are in crisis or have a long-term mental illness. Behavioral health counselors provide daily individual and group counseling, and activity therapists keep patients engaged. Our experienced staff works with patients and their families to develop treatment and discharge plans and provide support for family members.


Our Location

CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Memorial
2606 Hospital Blvd
Corpus Christi, Texas 78405

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