Converge - Unified Electronic Medical Record

Frequently Asked Questions about Converge Clinical Content Review for Physicians & APP's

How was the clinical content presented developed? 

The clinical content presented for feedback was created from the current Epic CHRISTUS order sets, the current CHRISTUS MEDITECH order sets, and guidance from Clinical Informatics, System Pharmacy, and other system resources.

I am on Epic now. Are the order sets presented the same as the one I use now? 

The order set presented in this workgroup is a version that has considered the current Epic order set and the current MEDITECH order set and hasbeen reconciled. Some changes have undergone CHRISTUS system review for standard content. Items that need feedback from you are highlighted in the feedback form.Additionally, there are some new order sets or panels that were previously in MEDITECH only that have been adapted to Epic.

I am on MEDITECH now. Are the order sets in Epic the same as previously in MEDITECH? 

The order set presented has taken into consideration the MEDITECH content (if that exists). As the two EMRs have different capabilities, some items may be presented differently in the Epic format.

Can I edit the orders set once I am using the Epic EMR? 

Yes, clinicians can save a “user version” of any order set. In that user version, you may change the default checking or unchecking of items, and change many order details (such as dose, frequency, instructions). You have the ability to save multiple user versions of the same order set that might be used for variable clinical presentations. Additionally, user versions can be shared among clinicians.

User versions are a valuable customization feature in Epic and important to keep in mind when assessing the content of the order set.

Can I add orders to an order set? 

In user versions, items can be checked or unchecked by default, but new orderable items may not be added to the version.Clinicians can also create custom panels for collections of orders. These panels may be shared with other clinicians.  

Will the changes we approve now be immediately available in Epic? 

Most changes approved now will become active for current users of Epic in the July 2023 wave of the Converge project. Depending on the content, some changes may be able to be implemented prior to that go live.

Will the changes we approve now be built into the current MEDITECH versions? 

Most changes will not be retrofitted to MEDITECH. If there are significant best practice or regulatory changes needed for MEDITECH, these will be considered in our normal order set review.

Will we review other types of clinical content such as notes? 

Yes. Other content such as note and procedure templates will be presented via feedback form. 

May I send this feedback form to other colleagues at my facility? 
We encourage you to collect your colleagues' insights and include them in your response. If you would like for them to also fill out the feedback, please reach out to us by replying (noneed for “reply all”) to the email.Our subject matter experts are designated by the CHRISTUS ministry CMO, so we want to make sure they are advised.
When do we go live on Epic? 

The Converge/Epic for acute care facilities roll out is scheduled for:

  • Existing CHRISTUS Epic sites and St. Michael Health System: July 2023
  • Spohn, Santa Rosa, Children’s Hospital of San Antonio: December 2023
  • Southeast Texas, Louisiana ministries: Summer 2024
When does Epic training begin? 

Training for physicians and APPs will begin approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the go live date for the ministry.


I use Epic now and need help with order customization. What should I do? 
When logged into Epic, you can check out various tip sheets available in the Provider Learning Home Dashboard(F1 key). For more specific information and one-on-one training, reach out to our training team at have a team of Training Logistic Coordinators (TLCs) who can help with scheduling at the elbow support or register providers for Epic training classes. 
I have other questions about Epic. Who should I contact? 
Please reach out to your ministry based Clinical Informaticist team.