Chin Augmentation

Chin Implant

Cosmetic chin surgery reshapes the chin relative to the rest of the face. This procedure is often accomplished with facial implants.

In a classically proportioned face, three facial zones are generally considered to be equal in length: the hairline to the brow, the brow to just below the nose and just below the nose to the chin. There are also proportions within the lower face that need to be considered: from the crease of the lip to the chin as well as the relationship between the chin and the neck. These relationships must be considered appropriate to provide the desired outcome.

Proportions of the nose to lip, the thickness of the skin around the chin area, and facial expressions, such as smiling and moving your lips are influencing factors as well. Sometimes the whole jawline needs to be increased. This is particularly true in males, where it is not desirable to only extend the very tip of the chin. We examine the proportions and musculature of the entire face, at rest and in motion, to determine the procedure that will deliver the best results.

Hard silicone is the most frequently used implant material. There are several profiles to choose from, the basic difference is their range in size, from small ones that fit right at the chin, to wide implants that enhance the whole jawline. A chin implant is a relatively short procedure to perform, either through the mouth or through the skin.