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Ankle Replacement

Our patients that suffer from severe ankle arthritis can benefit from ankle replacement surgery. Common symptoms that are associated with ankle arthritis can include weakness, pain, and difficulty walking. Generally treating such symptoms can be non-surgical, however, for some of our patients this condition can be completely debilitating.

What should I expect?

During an ankle replacement procedure, your surgeon will focus on removing the worn-out joint surfaces of the end of your shin bone, and top of your ankle bone. From this point, a metal and plastic implant are placed in the ends of the affected bone. The surgeon then places a metal and plastic implant into the bone ends to work as the new ankle joint.

After the procedure

Generally, our patients that have undergone ankle replacement surgery stay one night at our center after surgery. Our physicians recommend limited pressure on the ankle after surgery so our patients will have to utilize a walker or crutches for several weeks. Patients can usually expect a full recovery in about three months.

Common issues that patients may experience from receiving ankle replacement surgery can include infection, slow healing problems at the incision, and persistent pain in the affected area. Sometimes attaining proper alignment with the alignment can make walking normally very difficult. If there are continual issues with the replacement surgery, your surgeon may have to completely remove it from the joint. At that point, a procedure known as ankle fusion would need to be performed.