Patient Testimonials

“Amazing. Dr. Minns did my surgery with great results, and the staff was very courteous.”

“As a nurse you expect a certain level of care, because you know better. Dr. Minns and his staff exceeded my expectations! They encouraged me to communicate any questions or concerns without hesitation. They truly care about their patients! He told me he would change my life and he truly has.

“Fantastic Doctor! Explained everything, never felt rushed and did great work. I chose him because of the reviews I read. His staff are very good at what they do and very helpful. Had a tummy tuck and breast done, love the results! Would highly recommend him to anyone that wants a perfect surgery.”

“Eric Minns was a true blessing. Before my procedure he did everything to make sure I felt comfortable and informed. Even his staff members are super genuine and sweet. He made plastic surgery look easy and even years later now still sends me awesome offers on mother’s day and my birthday. This guy is great, really. Easy payments, appointments, everything.”

“I have consulted with another local plastic surgeon and I can honestly say that Dr. Minns and his staff were truthfully interested in MY best interest. I was not treated as just another case, but received the top-notch, personal care. I highly recommend Dr. Minns. He is AMAZING!!”

“Dr. Minns has done a fabulous job. His staff is awesome and just love them. Would recommend him to anyone. I feel as though they are the best team you will ever have.”

“So incredibly blessed to have Dr. Minns and his staff take care of my 8 year old daughter who had an ear correction surgery. She felt completely comfortable after our consult and was so excited about the procedure as where we after we left. They answered all our concerns with complete honesty and made us feel completely confident in their work. He changed my daughter’s life and for that we will always be grateful!!!”

“The Dr. Minns and staff treats you just like you are a part of their family. I trust them completely and always know I am in good hands. Thanks for the decade of amazing love and service.”

“I would recommend this office to anyone for anything. The staff is fantastic, Dr. Minns is amazing and really makes you feel relaxed and at ease. My recovery went great, and I could call them anytime, any day with any questions. Fantastic place.”

“I was new to all this when I first decided to come to minns after seeing his amazing reviews. He did NOT disappoint. Extremely professional and kind. His staff is great too! They are all so sweet and welcoming. He did such a fantastic job on my breast augmentation. I was so impressed in fact I am now having him do my rhinoplasty in just a couple of days. 10/10. I would recommend to EVERYONE, Dr. Minns is the best!”

“Our entire experience, start to finish, was beyond our expectations. Dr. Minns staff were all professional, courteous, friendly, and made us feel part of their family. The entire procedure went like clockwork with minimal discomfort. We feel you could search this country high and low and not find a better surgeon or staff for your cosmetic needs. Five star rating plus. We would not even consider anyone else.”

“My experience with Dr. Minns and his staff has been absolutely amazing. I was about ten minutes into my consultation and I knew Dr. Minns was the doctor for me. He and his staff were very thorough about explaining everything I needed to know about my procedure and answering all of my questions.”

“They did an amazing job of making me feel like I was their only patient. I was able to take all the time I needed to ask all of my questions. Never once did I feel like Dr. Minns was in a rush to be done with my appointment.”

“I am now only two weeks post op and already loving my results.”

“Thank you Dr. Minns and your awesome staff for making my experience a wonderful one!”

“I had been thinking of the idea of an abdominoplasty for a few years but never thought I could actually do it. After having kids, and years later still having excess skin that I could not get rid of, I decided that I would look into having the procedure. I chose Dr. Minns because I had seen the before/after pictures on his website and read amazing reviews. After meeting Dr. Minns for the first time, he was very professional and answered any questions or concerns I had. Dr. Minns reassured me that I was a good candidate for the procedure and explained how the procedure worked. The staff at Dr. Minns’s office was incredible and extremely professional. The staff was warm and welcoming through my recovery. I was able to call them with any questions I had during my recovery and they were quick to help me. I am feeling wonderful about my results so far and seeing changes each day as I continue to recover. I would recommend Dr. Minns to anyone who is ready to see a change to their body as well as wanting their confidence back.”

“I’ve been blessed to have Dr. Minns come to my rescue twice. First for my eyes and second when I had breast cancer and chose to reconstruct. He did an amazing job both times and I couldn’t be happier. He is very honest in relating what the experience will be and of course the recovery time. For anyone who wants the best, see Dr. Minns.”

“I just wanted to take a little of your time to tell you how much I appreciate you and your staff. I wanted you to know that I think you are an amazing surgeon. You have managed to transform my body to one that I now enjoy and my results have exceeded my expectations. I didn’t think I would be this enthusiastic about the “new me.” Your staff is exceptional. Not only are they friendly, organized, and informed, they add such a warmness to the office with their smiles. I am truly thankful I chose your facility.”

“I just wanted to take a little of your time to tell you how much I appreciate you and your staff. I wanted you to know that I think you are an amazing surgeon. You have managed to transform my body to one that I now enjoy and my results have exceeded my expectations. I didn’t think I would be this enthusiastic about the “new me”. Your staff is exceptional. Not only are they friendly, organized, and informed; they add such a warmness to the office with their smiles. I am truly thankful I chose your facility.”

“I am so glad that I chose you all to do my surgery. I have enjoyed the entire process and felt comfortable thanks to the awesome staff at your office. From the moment I spoke to Shanon when I called for the consultation she was super sweet and personable. Dr. Minns has been very nice and caring. Thank you so much and I am super exciting about my surgery and can’t wait to see the results!”

“I had a mommy makeover and words cannot express how grateful and pleased I am with the results. My results were better than I could have ever imagined them being. Dr. Minns and his staff go above and beyond with their care to you! Dr. Minns is professional and does great work, and I would recommend him in a heartbeat. Thank you so much for giving me back my confidence and amazing improved body!”

“Thank you so much for all that you have done for me throughout this challenge. I appreciate your kindness and your constant words of encouragement. I appreciate your gentleness and your sweet smiles. Thank you!”

“Within 2 minutes of my initial consultation there was no doubt in my mind that he was the one I would trust to perform my surgery. Dr. Minns was AMAZING! He actually listened. He spent nearly an hour with me, was interested in what I wanted, my expectations and concerns. He is very kind and friendly and this put me at ease very quickly. I knew I could trust him with my surgery. My surgery went very well, the pain was minimal and recovery was speedy. I am very pleased with my results and the boost of self confidence. There is no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision to trust Dr. Minns and his staff. I have and will continue to send my friends and family to him.”

“It doesn’t seem like just words can cover everything. I just knew with your efforts I was going to be okay. Your kindness and thoughtfulness was always there. From the bottom of my heart, I was truely blessed to have you as my surgeon.”

“After having lived with bags under my eyes since grade school, I finally made the decision to have plastic surgery to remove the excess skin around my lower eyelid. At Dr. Minns’ recommendation, I also decided to have the excess skin on my upper eyelids removed. As you can imagine, the thought of having plastic surgery on such a prominent and visible area really concerned me; mistakes could not be easily hidden! During my initial visit, I found Dr. Minns to be very honest about the positives and negatives of such a procedure. His experience and knowledge, along with his views on using conservative methods, sold me. Although skeptical, I was pleasantly surprised when everything went just as Dr. Minns had explained! It’s almost impossible for anyone to see any scars whatsoever! I am very happy with my surgery. I look more refreshed and I have more room for make-up!”

“If I ever choose to have more plastic surgery, I will definitely go back to Dr. Minns. I would highly recommend him to anyone choosing to update their look.”

“I must say, of all of the physician offices that I have ever been to Dr. Minns has the all time best staff ever. I wasn’t even a patient at first and I felt so welcomed.”

“I will only go to Dr. Minns because of their honestly, integrity, and passion to please their patients and make sure they are well informed. I have corrected my genetic crows lines with minimal botox injections, added volume back to my cheeks with Radiesse after some weight loss, and augmented my lips with Restalyne. I also have chemical peels bi-weekly to improve the smoothness of my complexion. I feel really lucky to have found Dr. Minns and his staff. I would reccomend them to any family member, friend or stranger.”

My experience with Dr. Minns and his staff has been nothing short of perfect! When I first called to schedule my appointment, the receptionist was so helpful and friendly. The day of my consultation, I was greeted by a staff who was second to none! Everyone made me feel comfortable in what was already a very calming environment. During my consultation with Dr. Minns, he helped me understand the procedure I was going to have. He listened and spent time with me and answered all of my questions. The day of my procedure, the staff knew I was nervous and immediately put my mind at ease. To this day, I consider his staff as dear friends! Dr. Minns was very compassionate, personable and professional during the procedure and I could not be more thrilled with the results! I highly recommend Dr. Minns and his wonderful staff to everyone! You will love him and his staff and especially the amazing results!”

“I live in Amarillo, TX, and began looking for a plastic surgeon to perform a liposuction procedure for my under-chin area. I found three here, two of whom I was personally evaluated by, and one who told me my age was a problem (I am 59). I located Dr. Minns; was given much more information, and the price was reasonable. After having the procedure done six months ago, I have been very pleased with the results; my “before” and “after” pictures are dramatic! I am now driving (4-hour round trip) to get facial laser treatments for scarring and aging; my skin looks so much better. It is well worth it!”

“I had eyelid surgery four years ago to correct an obstruction of my eyesight. After the surgery, I was still unhappy with the loose skin that was left above my eyes but was told that it was “functional skin” needed for closing the eyelids and could not be removed. After being psychologically bothered by my appearance for several years, I finally decided to get a second opinion from Dr. Minns. He reassured me that he could safely remove the extra skin, and would be extra cautious in making sure that I would have no problem closing my eyelids. Of course I was still nervous about the risks, but felt reassured by the professionalism of Dr. Minns and his staff. It has now been 2 months since the surgery, and my only regret is that I did not have it done sooner. There is no visible scarring and I am very pleased with my results! I look refreshed and feel much better about my appearance. I can tell that my co-workers know something looks younger about me, but they cannot figure out what it is!”

“I would not hesitate to use Dr. Minns for other procedures and highly recommend him!”

“My experience with Dr. Minns and his staff has been the best I have ever had. They are not only knowledgeable but kind, patient and listen. I can not say enough about how well organized the office is and how efficient everything runs. They always make me feel safe and comfortable.”