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Therapy walkingThe CHRISTUS St. Michael Day Rehabilitation Program is designed to meet individual needs with an interdisciplinary, comprehensive therapy approach. It is our goal to provide you with hospital-quality therapy and one-on-one treatment in a pleasant, encouraging environment.

Our treatment team strives to achieve the most independent and productive lifestyle possible for people recovering from stroke, spinal cord injury, amputation, major or multiple trauma, brain injury, polyarthritis, neurological disorders, as well as knee and hip replacement. The team can also build treatment plans for individuals receiving or recovering from an oncology diagnosis.

Admission Requirements

Referral to the program is obtained from your physician. For more information or questions about the Day Rehabilitation Program, call us today.

CHRISTUS St. Michael Day Rehabilitation Program is an outpatient department of CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System.

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St. Michael Day Rehabilitation

Additional Information

Outpatient Oncology Rehab 
Cancer and its treatments can sometimes have lasting effects. That is why CHRISTUS St. Michael has put together certified, specially-trained professionals to create individualized goals and treatment plans to address each patient's needs. We help cancer patients manage treatment-related conditions through outpatient rehabilitation treatments, including physical and occupational therapy and speech-language pathology. 

Our Cancer Rehab Program provides services for the following:

Mobility: Walking safely in and outside your home and as well as safely climbing stairs. 

Pain Management and Symptom Control: Pain reduction modalities, such as heat/cold applications as well as dry needing.

Physical Abilities: Hands-on techniques to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and coordination. 

Exercise Programs: Specialized exercise programs to address problems affecting your ability to function.

Family Training: Assisting your family members/caregivers on how to safely assist you during transfer and during walking or exercise.

Lymphedema Services: Prevention and treatment for edema and lymphedema, including manual lymphatic drainage and custom garment fitting. 
Pre-Driving Assessment 
Specifically designed to help determine whether or not an individual can safely drive a car. The Pre-driving Assessment is an “off-the-road” test performed by an occupational therapist. Patients are tested on strength, range of motion, cognition, visual perception, visual acuity, reaction time and mobility to demonstrate safety behind the wheel.

Patients who may benefit from the Pre-Driving Assessment include those who have had cognitive and/ or physical impairments due to stroke or brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s/dementia, depression/anxiety, Peripheral Neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis, or Poliomyelitis.
Patient Evaluation 
Our team is trained to provide customized WHEELCHAIR EVALUATIONS for power and manual mobility. Upon physician referral, an individual is evaluated by either an occupational or physical therapist to determine the appropriate mobility and seating/positioning equipment to optimize function. We also offer a PRE-DRIVING ASSESSMENT that assists physicians in determining an individual’s ability to safely return to driving after a serious illness or injury.
Family Involvement 
The CHRISTUS St. Michael Day Rehabilitation Program provides treatment based on an interdisciplinary approach geared toward each patient’s individual goals. A specialized plan of care is developed for each patient. The patient and family members assist in the development of each patient’s goals and treatment plans.

A family conference may be scheduled for the family to meet the treatment team and discuss the patient’s progress, discharge plans, future treatment, as well as other areas of concern. The patient’s treatment plan is reviewed at least every 30 days and more frequently if significant changes occur in his or her condition.