Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center is Now CHRISTUS Health

Advancing the Future of Health Care in Otero County

Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center is proud to join the CHRISTUS Health family. This new relationship, rooted in shared values, is set to redefine health care in Otero County. Together, we're committed to delivering exceptional care tailored to your needs, ensuring every resident in Alamogordo and beyond benefits from our combined strengths.

CHRISTUS Health opens new possibilities for you to access innovative health care. Driven by a shared ambition, we're committed to broadening the range of programs and services and continuing to elevate the standard of health care in Alamogordo.

With CHRISTUS now serving Otero County, you are connected to a vast network of international health care knowledge and advanced medical solutions, signifying a pledge to invest in a brighter, healthier future for your community.

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You can still see your clinician at Gerald Champion. The same services and clinicians will still be available.

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Why Gerald Champion Joined CHRISTUS Health

Gerald Champion, established in 1948, has been a beacon of health care in Otero County. Its transformation from a small community hospital to a state-of-the-art medical facility showcases its dedication to the community's needs.

CHRISTUS Health saw a shared commitment to excellence, compassion, and community-centric care in Gerald Champion. This relationship is a testament to our mutual goal: to provide unparalleled health care services that are both innovative and deeply empathetic.

As CHRISTUS health already offers health services in Santa Fe, together, we will expand services across the state of New Mexico.

How You Benefit From CHRISTUS Health 

As CHRISTUS Health expands in the Alamogordo region, you will have access to the vast resources, specialized treatments, and advanced medical technologies that CHRISTUS Health offers while continuing to enjoy the familiar, community-centric approach that Gerald Champion created in Otero County.

CHRISTUS Health’s purpose is your health, and we will be working to improve the quality of your care in the following ways:

Significant Investment in Your Health: Over the next decade, CHRISTUS Health will invest $100 million into Gerald Champion's facilities. You'll benefit from advanced equipment and more specialized services.

Innovations Tailored for You: Emphasizing technological advancements, we're elevating the standard of care in Otero County. With the introduction of one electronic health record system, you’ll have fast and easy access to your test results, appointments and physicians, no matter which CHRISTUS facility you visit in Otero County or beyond. This means that wherever you receive care, your physician can share information resulting in fewer errors and coordinated care.

A Legacy of Trust and Excellence: As Gerald Champion becomes part of CHRISTUS Health, you gain access to CHRISTUS Health’s advanced medical technologies and impressive network of clinicians, along with the familiar, community-focused approach of Gerald Champion. This union promises a health care experience that's holistic, innovative, and centered around you.

Clinical Recruitment: In the ever-evolving health care landscape, recruiting and retaining top clinical talent helps improve health care where you live. By actively seeking out the best in the medical field, the collaboration ensures that you are always in the hands of skilled professionals who are up-to-date with the latest medical advancements and techniques.

Clinician Retention: Retention is equally crucial. CHRISTUS Health is committed to retaining and developing talented professionals in the community by fostering an environment of growth, continuous learning, and mutual respect. This continuity of care means you can build lasting relationships with your health care providers, leading to a more personalized and effective health care experience.

CHRISTUS and Gerald Champion: Rooted in Legacy, Values, and Excellence

Our Legacy 

Founded in 1846 by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, CHRISTUS Health's legacy is steeped in a mission to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. Over the decades, CHRISTUS has grown from humble beginnings to an international health system, always emphasizing the power of faith, collaboration, and a deep commitment to community health.

Our journey has been marked by pioneering health care solutions, expanding to new territories, and consistently upholding the values of dignity, integrity, and compassion for their patients.

Gerald Champion has long served Otero County, 75 years and counting, making significant changes along the way. What once was a small community hospital is now a modern medical facility with a steadfast focus on Alamogordo residents.