CHRISTUS Good Shepherd

Heart & Vascular Institute

Outpatient Department of

Good Shepherd Medical Center Longview

The best care, close to home.

When it comes to heart health, your lifestyle choices and family history play a crucial role in determining your risk of developing heart disease. For exceptional care close to home, the dedicated team at CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Heart & Vascular Institute is committed to extending the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by providing evidence-based, compassionate heart care right here in Longview.

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Good Shepherd Heart & Vascular Institute

CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Heart & Vascular Institute is an outpatient department of CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Medical Center - Longview.

Advanced Cardiovascular Care Close to Home

Excellence in healthcare is at the heart of any thriving and healthy community. Located on the CHRISTUS Good Shepherd campus in Longview, the CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Heart and Vascular Institute provides advanced cardiovascular care for you, your family and East Texans of all ages. 

Heart & Vascular Services

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