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Experience at CHRISTUS St. Michael

CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System takes a family-centered care approach to our obstetrical and neonatal services. Our highly skilled nurses and physicians come to you to provide care. Your baby will be able to stay with you from birth through discharge, allowing you both more time for bonding, rest, and uninterrupted breastfeeding. If your baby should need special care and equipment, we offer a newborn care area, Continuing Care Unit, and a Level III NICU.

The Mother-Baby Unit offers private family space for bonding after delivery. You and your baby are cared for together with one nurse caring for the “couplet.” Mothers can continue skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding, and receive support from staff. Families have the opportunity to ask questions to learn about the care of their newborn so they truly feel prepared when they go home. Newborn care — including initial baths and exams by the physician is done in the mother-baby room. Other medically indicated procedures such as circumcisions will be done in the newborn care area. All rooms are single and have private bathrooms. Couches and chairs transform into sleeping spaces for family and visitors.

Pre-Register for Your Hospital Stay

Planning for your hospital stay begins with pre-registering. You can register online at anytime or by calling 903-614-2273.

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