Our surgical-navigation system is changing the way doctors navigate intra-operative information and technology. Curveā„¢ Image-Guided Surgery is the ultimate command and control center for information-guided surgery. Surgeons optimize navigation with pre-op planning and surgical visualization. Accessible at the touch of a sterile touch pen or non-sterile finger, Curve is bigger, brighter, sharper, and faster. We are the first in Texas to implement the Curve Navigation platform.

By using advanced image-guided navigation technology, we are able to better apply brain mapping techniques on patients. Surgical-Navigation enables surgeons to more accurately target the surgical site down to the smallest degree by providing high-definition screens and precise navigation.

Curve features the latest image guidance software powering advanced 3-D displays and hallmark Brainlab image enrichment. This advanced technology allows ultra-fast image updating when tracking instruments, which promotes intra-operative confidence. The surgical-navigation system is primarily utilized for brain, spine, and sinus procedures.

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