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Obesity is a long-term, progressive disease. Medical treatment and intervention are needed because it is extremely prevalent and leads to more than 40 health problems, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancers.

For those struggling with severe obesity, especially when traditional weight loss methods have proven ineffective, bariatric surgery emerges as a highly effective and enduring solution.

This form of weight loss surgery promotes substantial weight reduction and enhances the management of weight-related health conditions.

Bariatric surgery improves emotional well-being, increased energy, and self-confidence. Overall, bariatric surgery paves the way for better health, making engaging in specific tasks and activities easier.

We provide extensive education, follow-up care, and monthly support group sessions to assist patients in maintaining healthier habits.

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Weight Loss Institute - San Marcos

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Are you at risk for weight-related disease?

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You may be a candidate for weight loss surgery if you:

  • Have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or greater or weigh 100 pounds over your ideal body weight.
  • Have a BMI between 35-40 with at least ONE significant associated condition (Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Sleep Apnea
  • Are between 18-65 years of age.
  • Are drug, alcohol, and nicotine-free.
  • Have previously or recently tried to lose weight through other means, such as diet and exercise.
  • Are motivated and committed to making permanent lifestyle changes both before and after surgery.
  • Are able and willing to participate in life-long follow-up.

Weight loss surgery is a step towards a new you, a healthier future; however, a successful outcome is dependent upon commitment to long-term lifestyle changes. The process requires motivation and consistency to make behavior modifications and practice healthier habits. We are dedicated to assisting patients along their unique journey, from preoperative evaluation, preparation, and nutrition counseling, through the surgery experience, to immediate postoperative recovery and extended after-care.

Why Weight?

Our team will work with you to create an ongoing program that we hope will make a meaningful difference in your life. To begin your journey, we will need information about your health and lifestyle.
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